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Link Code Activation

For trouble free activation of device, just enter the link code given on TV screen. No hassle of random steps, just a stress free unlimited entertainment that you desire.

Activation Error

Facing issue with activation? We have team of qualified and dedicated experts to deal with all kind of activation error.

Error Fixing

Accurate diagnosis of device can make it work for longer period of time and even help us to pre check the bugs or issues so that it can be dealt with more precisely.

Uninterrupted reliable support

We aim to support you 24/7 with any kind of technical issues. Our experts and trained professionals thrive on the providing accurate and fast results.

Trouble-free activation

All your hassle of going through numerous steps of activation will be our responsibility. Our technicians are expert in activation.

Precise solution

As with time, device can face various bugs or technical issues, we believe in providing long term solution in short span of time. Our technicians are trained precisely to deal with issues of streaming device. Easy accessibility of service and quick solution is what makes us the best service provider.

Welcome to the world of Entertainment!

In today’s world, where everyone is busy and running the race of life. A streaming device comes as rescue as an excellent platform of home entertainment. Streaming device is a portable device that can bring all the possible entertainment streaming platforms at one place which can be connected with laptops, tablets, TV.

We aim to bring ease in installation of such devices and provide best in class services for streaming platforms. X-Link Setup provide excellent quality services in a simplest way possible. All kind of technical requirements and device issues have only one end solution i.e. X-Link Setup. Our team of technical experts and our expert guidance will make your streaming device experience more enjoyable.

Facing problem with streaming device activation?

Facing problem with streaming Cestreaming? You just have to give us a call.
We provide 24/7 support for these devices to activate, debugging of the devices, proper diagnosis of unknown error and any activation or technical issues.

Some of the issues that client has faced previously is given below. Check it out:
  • 1. The Streaming Device player is either slow or frozen.
  • 2. The device becomes non-functional.
  • 3. Unable to view as channels stop working.
  • 4. While loading Netflix movies the Streaming Device screen gets frozen.
  • 5. Resetting the X-Link Setup Device to factory settings.


Get help with streaming device setup and get entertained.


Get dedicated support with link code activation with Wi-Fi.


Value-Added Timely Solutions for your all Streaming Devices.


$49 99

  • Issue Diagnosis
  • Fix problem
  • Phone & Email Support
  • TV Setup
  • 1 TV Support


$99 99

  • Issue Diagnosis
  • Fix problem
  • Phone & Email Support
  • TV Setup
  • 3 TV Support


$149 99

  • Issue Diagnosis
  • Fix problem
  • Phone & Email Support
  • TV Setup
  • 5 TV Support

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